Get a Transcend DrivePro for Better Images Gradation Even in Low Light

Many things set the Transcend DrivePro apart from other brands of dashcams. One of their most remarkable features is their HD video camera. Transcend DrivePro ensures high-quality images, even in low light situations. This is said to be the biggest advantage of this brand, as night-time recording is a common weakness for dashcams.

Sony Image Sensor

All Transcend DrivePro models, including 110, 230, and 550, boast high-resolution and superb image quality. They are all integrated with the cutting-edge Sony Image Sensor, which is a feature that is also found in the latest digital cameras. This means that the videos that are captured by a Transcend dashcam are not only clear—they are professional in quality. No wonder some people use their dashcam footages for creating travel videos.

The sensor is an important part of the camera’s hardware. It captures the light and converts them into images. It is considered to be the soul of a digital camera because it determines the size, resolution, low-light performance, depth of field, and dynamic range of the resulting imagery.

Sony Image Sensor is known for being one of the smallest and high-performing image sensors in the market. It is more sensitive to the light and has better noise reduction features, which are some of the key factors in capturing crisp and clear images with richer colours even in low light situations or during night. Because of this, you can expect your Transcend DrivePro to deliver clear images no matter the weather or the time of day.

Wide Dynamic Sensor Technology

Another reason why Transcend DrivePro digital cameras can record HD images is because of their WDR or Wide Dynamic Range. This feature allows the camera to capture at wide-angles while balancing light and dark areas. This also ensures that the camera is shooting with brilliant colours regardless of the time of the day or environment setting.

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