When the gentle chill in the air turns into biting cold you know that the winter has set in, and we all love winter for the soft snowdrifts, delicious winter food, warm cosy clothes and what not. But there is another side to it which we are not very pleased of; this includes adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, fog and the like that hinders our day to day life. These adverse weather conditions pose a great threat while driving as the thick blanket of fog or heavy rainfall decreases the visibility of the drivers. It is estimated that around 22 to 25 percent of road accidents per year occur due to bad weather conditions. Apart from being attentive, you should also have good fog lights installed in your vehicle to avoid such accidents. Thus, it is significant to be aware of the advantage of fog lights: A translation from invisibility to evident.

Though we all know the fact that fog lights are used to provide visibility while driving through those highways during foggy days, we are not very much aware of why we are using it. When there is a thick blanket of fog or rainfall surrounding you, the atmosphere is very much prone to be reflective. Using the regular headlights which are positioned at an angle in such weather conditions, will cause the light to reflect to the driver resulting in total white out. On the other hand, the fog lights are normally mounted lower down on the front of the car enabling a wider and shorter cast of light that does not reflect. However, fog lights would be a waste of investment when used along with the front headlight, because it simply turns down the whole purpose of using the fog light. It is recommended to switch from the front headlight to the side lights or marker lights when using the fog lights. This helps you to prevent the dazzling effect and gives a clearer visibility during your drive. Apart from this fog lights are used as an indication to alert other drivers that your vehicle is in front or approaching them from the opposite side during foggy days.

The fog lights are a lifesaving tool during bad weather conditions and it is mandatory to install it in your vehicles. However, it should be used only during fog or adverse weather conditions when the visibility is poor, if not, it may invite other accidents by glaring the vision of the person driving opposite to you.


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