Do’s and Dont’s for Car Washing

Fact: Frequent washing is the single best thing you can do to maintain your vehicle is finish and preserve its showroom shape.

Fact: Careless washing can leave the paint in worse condition than when you started.

Yes, as simple and easy as a casual driveway carwash seems on a bright Saturday morning, there are subtle pitfalls with which a careless washer could actually harm the finish, leaving scratches or stains that could require extra work to remove. Half the battle is just being aware of the potential problems. Then following through by using the right materials and techniques will make that wash as simple and easy as it should be, while also giving you the spiffy results you want. Here is a list of some basic car-washing do is and dont’s that will help you keep your vehicle is finish in prime condition.

Don’t*wait to do a full wash if you see bird droppings, dead bugs, or other obvious contaminants building up on the paint surface. Bird droppings, in particular, have a high acidity that, if left on the paint for any length of time, can eat into the clear coat. If they reach deep enough, these scars can only be removed by sanding and repainting. Rinse this type of debris off the surface as soon as possible, using either water or an instant-detailer type of product.

Do*rinse your vehicle off after a period of rainy weather if your region suffers from acid rain. The acidic chemicals in the rainwater will remain on the surface after the droplets have evaporated, leaving a mark that can permanently stain the paint.


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