5 Things to Know About Car Security Films

Tinting your car window is a good way to make it look better, while ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle at the same time. Window tints or films come in many shades that allow a decent amount of light to enter your car while making it opaque from the outside so that your privacy is secured and your valuables and the car itself remain safe.

Car security films are made out of polyester that has high tensile strength and the ability to be used on a variety of surfaces. Car security films are designed as laminates and applied on the interior of the glass. Window tints are generally applied by professional service providers but with some precautions and a tool kit you can do it yourself if you prefer.

Apart from being an accessory, window tints offer other advantages too. Here are 5 things to know about car security films:

Fade Reduction: Window films are able to block harsh sunlight that can be harmful for your car upholstery. The harsh light can cause discoloration to leather and vinyl. The film prevents car interiors from cracking up and helps in keeping it new for long.

UV Ray Blockage: Car security films can block 99% of the UV rays that are harmful for your skin and overall health. UVA and UVB rays are a major cause of skin cancer, and studies have shown that exposure to sun for longer period of time is the major cause of this often fatal illness. People who tend to drive for an extended time should use window films since it can be a life-saving accessory for them.

Solar Heat rejection: Window films can be highly useful in blocking solar heat buildup in your car. It can reject 30% – 35% of solar heat buildup, depending on the grade and the quality of window tint. It will not only balance the environment in your vehicle bit also reduce your fuel expenses by giving your aircon a little rest.

Shattered Glass Protection: Window films are designed in such a way that they can reduce the effect and damage of shattered glass. In an accident, sharp glass pieces tend to get inside the car and extend the damage done. However, a security window tint can stop shattered glass from flying around and hurting the passengers.

Privacy and Security: Window tints come in various shades so that your privacy is maintained when you are on the road. If you are leaving any luggage or valuables in your car, the window tint can blur the view from outside and not let anyone know about it.

Protect your car: Having your car installed with security window films, can protect your car from smash& grab, thieves and rock throwers.


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