4 Tips Will Help to Clean Volcanic Ash from Your Vehicle in the Philippines

The recent volcanic activities of Taal in the Philippines have alerted Filipinos to be more prepared in such times of natural disaster. It has also highlighted the need for drivers to protect their vehicles with proper car accessories. If you are living anywhere near an active volcano, then you need to know the right cleaning tips to remove volcanic ash from your car correctly. It’s also important to understand why volcanic ash can be dangerous to your vehicle.

• Volcanic ash contains fragments of rock, minerals, and glass that can easily scratch the paint, window glasses, and wiper glasses.

• Like any dust, volcanic ash can enter in every opening in your vehicle. It can clog and damage your air-filtration systems. Also, the ash in the engine can cause malfunctions and other expensive damage.

• Ash in the tires can decrease traction and thus, make driving on the road dangerous.

Volcanic ash is not like any dust or ash, so you must never underestimate it. You need to know how to clean and protect your vehicle. Get all your cleaning car accessories out and do these steps.

1. Wash the ash off using a hose or pressurized water. Add recommended car accessory for cleaning such as PH-neutral soap. Avoid wiping the vehicle for you may accidentally scratch it.

2. Start with the windshield, windows, and wipers before washing the rest of the body. Don’t forget to use pressurized water as well when cleaning the tires. Make sure to use separate buckets of water and soap to avoid contaminating the water with debris.

3. Rinse off the vehicle from the hood down to the tires. Do this thoroughly, ensuring all the debris is removed.

4. Dry the vehicle using a microfiber towel. Then, apply polish or wax for your car’s protection. Lastly, seal your tires and wiper blades with the right rubber treatment.
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