3M car tint often tops the list of the most reliable brands of car tints in the country. They have a wide range of window tints catering to different applications and uses. The following information will let you know how your car can benefit from choosing 3M instead of other brands.


3M car tints are shatter-proof, protecting your glass window as well as your life. They can withstand impact and minimise the damage and injuries caused by a collision. With this car tint installed, it will be harder to smash or break the glass or your window.

3M tints also have high heat rejection properties. They won't only block the sun but also reject solar energy to keep it from seeping into the interior of your car. That way, you and the passengers can feel more comfortable even during the hottest days.

When your car is tinted, it will be difficult for thieves and robbers to check if you have valuables inside. That's because the dark film offers low visibility from the outside. 3M car tints keep you and your belongings away from the prying eyes. They also help you feel more comfortable knowing that people won't easily see you.

Installing 3M tints can help you avoid the harmful effects of UV rays because they have 90% ultra-violet rejection capabilities. They are also protecting the integrity and condition of your seat's upholstery, which can be damaged by the sun.

3M car tints are backed by a comprehensive warranty. The company partners with professional and reputable car dealers that can offer 5 years of warranty for their customers.